Handpicked item on Etsy – I did it

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I did it, after a day of uploading pictures and I turned my machine off to get a break as I’d been photographing and uploading items for 7hours non stop and my brain was wacked… put on the tv… but I couldn’t stop could I, I had to log into Etsy again to read the message boards and as I logged on.. there it was as clear as day.. my pendant.. ON THE FRONT PAGE.. so happy. I got 152 hits because of that so thanks Etsy.etsy-front-page


Why did God give me a vegetarian cat?

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I love my cat, I really do..but the only reason I got a cat was so I could feed it chicken and prawns and tuna and all those things my mum wouldn’t feed her cats..  I was so looking forward to it, Poppy would have prawns where ever she goes.

So we pick her out from Battersea cat and dogs home one day, everythings all set up and out she pops from the cardboard box, prowling about taking in all the new surroundings and I proudly show her a plate of tuna. Expecting her to purr and gobble it up she takes one sniff and distainfully walks away. 

Not one to be deterred soon after I buy chicken, herrings, prawns and all manner of cat delights, any cat would be happy to eat..no not my cat. Not interested, not the slightest bit. Now I’m not saying she will only eat cat biscuits no.. she will eat saltanas, marmite, ice-cream and lettuce.

Am I pleased she doesn’t like expensive foods and only likes the cheapest brand of cat food and vegetarian fayre. No, because I wanted to spoil her, it’s just as well though because my dream meat eating cat would have been the size of a house by now.

One thing in her favour, she does like to read the tarot cards for me which is always nice.


Photography on glass – threshold photoshopped image

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Is there an image you would like to see on glass, perhaps make into a pendant for a gift or for yourself? It’s entirely possible with this new technique I’ve developed. See my shop for examples Http://www.junkartist.etsy.com and email me a 300DPI image and I’ll do the rest Indigo-4@hotmail.co.uk


The big coffee freeze & eating 5 years worth of 5 a day in 5 days

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Why am I doing this?

I feel unhealthy and lazy, feel older than 36 and the main reason, it took me a week to get over my last hangover…a week..! I used to bounce out of bed hangover or not a few years ago.. not anymore.. age is kicking in and I’m powerless to stop it unless I can radically re-think my lifestyle.

Day 1:   Normally I would start the day with a couple cups of coffee… so I have hot water but I’m so tired by 11am that I have a nap whilst listening to Steve Pavlina podcasts…1pm.. wake up so tired.. it must be the lack of coffee or my complete laziness, I’m not sure which..this is going to be tough. I’ve decided not to go straight into a water fast and have a fruit and veggie fast for a week first. I’ve already got massive headaches and it’s only day one. I never get headaches..

9.41pm update, well after going to the shop buying vegetables and salad my head still ached and felt utterly tired and shit so I basically slept for 3 hours in the afternoon, what the hell is wrong with me.. all this pain for not having a cup of coffee this morning….i’ve still got a headache and quite frankly cant wait until this day is over, the finale of big brother and self help blogs are numbing the pain!

10.30pm  friend calls, friend who is an expert in all thing Biological including and especially human biology..so I tell him I’ve been feeling utterly rough for a whole week since consuming vast amounts of alcohol on Saturday. His reply, “Shit Mel, this means your liver is caving in… you are probably nearing cerocis of the liver.., no one has a hangover for a week..that’s bad..really bad.” Immediately I inform him that I’m going to be ok because I’m going on this mighty health kick and start eating only veggies for 30 days, or maybe a water only fast. He then said,“do you really think your body can take a water only fast after being deprived of nutrients and vitamins and minerals for a good 15 years…, It’s packing up Mel.. you need all the vitamins you can get your hands on not water..” So I guess that put things into perspective a bit. He’s right though, I realised that I probably haven’t had 5 a day or even 1 a day for the past 15 years…opss.

Woke up at 8am.. I actually felt ok and not hideous like all day yesterday although whether that was due to eating veggies or just sleeping most of the afternoon I’m not entirely sure! Was feeling OK but at 2.07pm the banging headaches have returned.

 I’ve also resisted doing anymore creative work or photoshop for yet another day, what is wrong with me.. those lovely pendants won’t make themselves! I did however get a major intuitive happening .. my mouse was sticking to the disgusing yellow plasticky lounge tablemat causing all sorts of havoc, I get a book but that’s not much better. My mind is panicking that I don’t have the money to buy a mouse mat and then a tiny voice whispers to me…”get a sheet of paper”.. so I do, and low and behold a perfect mouse mat that you can write on…brilliant.. devine guidance all from cutting out caffine!

The Horrors of having a blog

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Well not of having a blog, of starting one and deciding which one to bloody well use…arhhhh so I read all the problogger message boards etc and thought I’d try blogger.com, my main concern was being able to easily post my own header to whichever template I wanted.  I couldn’t have the user name I wanted so that pissed me off at the start yet I continued with it…putting up a header fine.. then looked around and saw to my dismay that I was stranded..STRANDED..it was like a virtual prison..no one around.. no help, just a screen with my header on it.. no lovely forums or message boards or chit chat oh no just a screen page.

Round two.. I try Livejournal, tons of people, in fact too many if the truth be known all making friends with each other, posting in each others communities and having a right old time of it.. Lovely i think, before I try to upload a bloomin header…CSS what the hells that, S1 or S2…?? No I just want a goddam simple template with my own header.. Now I maybe being really thick and probably am but I spent a good 8 hours trying to figure this out…and if anyone knows me and my lack of patience with things that don’t go right first time that was a very long time. Endless searching, then after not being able to upload a header page I found that message boards had been replaced by communities..communities of the like that I couldn’t get into.. Nooooo… there were tears in my eyes at this point …

So I nearly gave up, nearly gave up my dream of having a blog, (well dream of 1 day)  and showing the world my photography and jewellery… then a little voice (and it could have been the cat) said, “try WordPress”… “What’s this I hear you say”, I snivelled…wordpress.. so logged on, logged in and created a simple template in under 5 minutes.. not only that but  there seems to be a brilliant message board with people on it…thank god… thank god for wordpress.. now I’m off to sing it’s praises to all who will listen.