Handpicked item on Etsy – I did it

I did it, after a day of uploading pictures and I turned my machine off to get a break as I’d been photographing and uploading items for 7hours non stop and my brain was wacked… put on the tv… but I couldn’t stop could I, I had to log into Etsy again to read the message boards and as I logged on.. there it was as clear as day.. my pendant.. ON THE FRONT PAGE.. so happy. I got 152 hits because of that so thanks Etsy.etsy-front-page


4 Responses to “Handpicked item on Etsy – I did it”

  1. Well done, that must have been so exciting!!
    maybe it will happen to me some day. Do you know you can do a screen grab instead of taking a photo of your monitor. Just press CTRL and PRT SCR( which should be above ‘insert’ on your keyboard), then go into a photo editing programme, photoshop, and go to edit, paste.
    You may know this already…but I just thought I’d pass on the info

    • ha thanks Ruth, I could have done it properly but I couldn’t be bothered!

      I hope it does happen to you, good luck with your etsy shop. I really liked your blog by the way.

  2. Ohhhhhh how cool is that!!!! Congratulations!!! (nice blog too!)

  3. that’s amazing! that’s like, my goal. do they let you know that you’ve been chosen?

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