Why did God give me a vegetarian cat?

I love my cat, I really do..but the only reason I got a cat was so I could feed it chicken and prawns and tuna and all those things my mum wouldn’t feed her cats..  I was so looking forward to it, Poppy would have prawns where ever she goes.

So we pick her out from Battersea cat and dogs home one day, everythings all set up and out she pops from the cardboard box, prowling about taking in all the new surroundings and I proudly show her a plate of tuna. Expecting her to purr and gobble it up she takes one sniff and distainfully walks away. 

Not one to be deterred soon after I buy chicken, herrings, prawns and all manner of cat delights, any cat would be happy to eat..no not my cat. Not interested, not the slightest bit. Now I’m not saying she will only eat cat biscuits no.. she will eat saltanas, marmite, ice-cream and lettuce.

Am I pleased she doesn’t like expensive foods and only likes the cheapest brand of cat food and vegetarian fayre. No, because I wanted to spoil her, it’s just as well though because my dream meat eating cat would have been the size of a house by now.

One thing in her favour, she does like to read the tarot cards for me which is always nice.



One Response to “Why did God give me a vegetarian cat?”

  1. “Fortune teller cat predicts your DOOM!”

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