The Horrors of having a blog

Well not of having a blog, of starting one and deciding which one to bloody well use…arhhhh so I read all the problogger message boards etc and thought I’d try, my main concern was being able to easily post my own header to whichever template I wanted.  I couldn’t have the user name I wanted so that pissed me off at the start yet I continued with it…putting up a header fine.. then looked around and saw to my dismay that I was was like a virtual one around.. no help, just a screen with my header on it.. no lovely forums or message boards or chit chat oh no just a screen page.

Round two.. I try Livejournal, tons of people, in fact too many if the truth be known all making friends with each other, posting in each others communities and having a right old time of it.. Lovely i think, before I try to upload a bloomin header…CSS what the hells that, S1 or S2…?? No I just want a goddam simple template with my own header.. Now I maybe being really thick and probably am but I spent a good 8 hours trying to figure this out…and if anyone knows me and my lack of patience with things that don’t go right first time that was a very long time. Endless searching, then after not being able to upload a header page I found that message boards had been replaced by communities..communities of the like that I couldn’t get into.. Nooooo… there were tears in my eyes at this point …

So I nearly gave up, nearly gave up my dream of having a blog, (well dream of 1 day)  and showing the world my photography and jewellery… then a little voice (and it could have been the cat) said, “try WordPress”… “What’s this I hear you say”, I snivelled…wordpress.. so logged on, logged in and created a simple template in under 5 minutes.. not only that but  there seems to be a brilliant message board with people on it…thank god… thank god for wordpress.. now I’m off to sing it’s praises to all who will listen.


One Response to “The Horrors of having a blog”

  1. Aren’t you glad you didn’t give up? WordPress is a great blogging tool. Now if I could only find an e-commerce shopping cart that works so well I’d be in website heaven.

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