Have you ever just wanted a YES/NO answer ?

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yes_no1Etsy is fantastic, you can even buy tarot/psychic readings from there. Today I had an amazing reading from a psychic medium couple who use angel cards and contact with spirit guides to provide you with ten answers to all your yes/no questions, 10 answers.. how fabulous is that..! Not only that but the price is amazing, 10 questions for $2.50 is outstanding value for money.  You can find the readings at their shop here http://simplyforyou.etsy.com or they have their own lovely website here: http://www.lovelightspiritualreadings.com.  I had a query and Chris replied straight away and answered my question instantly so I was very impressed with the service. What are you waiting for have your yes/no questions answered today..!!!!


Indiespotting – great way to advertise your crafts for free

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Yippie, made front page of Indieshopping, it’s a great way to advertise your wares for free, I mean who doesn’t want free advertising,  you are allowed one picture a week and if accepted the world will get to see your amazing creations!



Design your own t-shirt for new clothing brand – Collect

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Stumbling around on the gum tree I find this advert, designers/artists now’s your chance to show a clothing company what you are made of.  Submit your work by March 2nd 2009.

Website here: http://www.collectlondon.com./

The theme is ENDaNGERED. My submission below is Forkgirl. Forkgirl illuminates how we as a species will not be around forever due to our overconsumption and mass destruction of the planet. However our energy will eventually transform and we will become the stars we see in the sky.forkgirl

When Angels Speak…

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Well there I was coming back from somewhere else, on a bus reading Spirit & Destiny Magazine when I came across an article about reading signs from angels.. seeing feathers, seeing white feathers in particular … So i came on a plan and spoke in my head to the faceless ones upstairs..”dear angel if you are there I want you to send me feathers, but not white ones, big dirty grey pigeon feathers, the bigger the better, thanks”…

 As the bus approached my area I decided to get off a stop early and see if there was anything around to snap. Spying a dirty side road with a bit of junk I rushed over with my camera.. (I love taking photos of junk…) happy days.  So I knelt down to take this photo of a dying weed and glanced to my right and well there it was…..a small white feather blowing on a shrub..WHITE..!…Not exactly thrilled with this discovery I proceeded to make my exit. Then there right in front of me I saw them the 3  glorious just as i’d asked for gigantic dirty white and grey pigeon feathers.

The angels – do not doubt them for they are indeed waiting for your wishes.


Creative ability goes out the window

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kiln-fire31Note to reader: Never ever attempt to cut glass  and make pretty things when pissed, Ria and I had a few too many glasses of wine and decided to get out the glass cutters… oh yes we did have a whale of a time, getting more and more lashed, glass and glue going all over the shop.. admiring our fine fine creations at every  turn…. popped them in the kiln to see the masterpieces in the morning….

                                                                 ….. morning arrives and so does the hangover..open the kiln and sweet jesus what the hell is that mess.. I couldn’t give these away let alone sell them… So dear reader, let that be a lesson to you, creative ability goes out the window when you’re as battered as a piece of chip shop cod.

Enough of the past.. these are ready to go in right now..


Sad Yellow Bird

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A while ago I had the chance to go to Barcelona and was really excited to view first hand the amazing work of Gaudi – now Gaudi was good, great even but his works didn’t even come close to the graffiti artist who sprayed what I now name Sad Yellow Bird. Say hello to him and know that as sad as you may feel you will not be as sad as he.


Someone on Etsy wrote an article about me!

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Dizzy Dolly has written a lovely article about my etsy shop on her blog  http://dizzydolly.blogspot.com/  for which I’m forever grateful. Whilst you are there check out the  exquisitely designed artwork she sells on Etsy (Http://www.dizzydolly.etsy.com) , I love it… it’s one of my favourites.